Special Forces Major Tyson Bradford had two mistresses his family and his career He loved them both For the first time the two were demanding his presence at the same time He d failed to secure his ailing eighty ye

  • Title: Special Forces
  • Author: Erosa Knowles
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  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Major Tyson Bradford had two mistresses his family and his career He loved them both For the first time, the two were demanding his presence at the same time He d failed to secure his ailing eighty year old Aunt into his home All the traditional methods failed to produce the results he needed.Lynay s four year old son had severe asthma Fear strangled her each time heMajor Tyson Bradford had two mistresses his family and his career He loved them both For the first time, the two were demanding his presence at the same time He d failed to secure his ailing eighty year old Aunt into his home All the traditional methods failed to produce the results he needed.Lynay s four year old son had severe asthma Fear strangled her each time he fell gasping to breathe Her minimum wage job barely kept up with his escalating medications costs Medicaid only went so far Her baby needed help than she could provide Anne, her best friend suggested something unconventional, a contract marriage Anne s brother deployment would take place in less than a week Desperate, Tyson and Lynay agree to a marriage that would meet both of their pressing needs His only requirement absolute fidelity during their marriage Since Lynay hadn t been sexually active since the birth of her son, she agreed.Everyone got what they wanted, right Wrong Allison, Tyson s ex wife refused to accept not only their divorce of three years, but Tyson s re marriage as well An uncommon path of destruction pummeled Tyson s Achilles heel Seeds of deception were sown, and ultimately led to the breakup of their marriage But to a woman scorned, the breakdown of the faux marriage was simply gravy She intended to teach him a lesson Her ultimate vengeance his total ruin.In her hatred, she forgot one thing She messed with his family And nobody messed with his family, for long.

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    1. Erosa Knowles says:

      Hello,I m a self proclaimed read a holic I love most genres and would rather read than do most things Stands to reason, that I d have this inexplicable love affair with the written word Reading was the balm that soothed me during tough times as a single mother, working two jobs As things leveled out, I found I enjoyed the places books took me, there was a certain solace learning about various times and cultures When I began traveling, many of the places I visited felt like old friends I could envision the characters from the books walking the cobbled streets, or running along the swift moving streams After twenty years of reading and collecting my favorite authors, I decided to indulge my passion for storytelling I took classes, invested in seminars and sat nervously across the table from editors It was a lengthy process, Finally, I got the courage to allow the market to judge my work The market can be a brutal, but I think fair, mistress Hard work is rewarded and appreciated Slackers don t stand a chance

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    1. This is one of those books that makes you smile at the end because it is a complete story. Tyson and Lynay have both been hurt by love but learn that when some one loves you truly you can trust them.You take a journey with this couple while fall in love and you see that you don't mess with Tyson's family or he will come after you.I like this author I can not wait to read more from her.

    2. From what I can tell this is Erosa Knowles’ first book, and in my opinion it was well written. I was looking forward to reading this book because it had many elements that I enjoy (bw/wm romance, single female, contract marriage, betrayal, humor and, love). One suggestion I do have before I say anything about the book itself is about the book description. I think that it could be shortened; it gives away information that could be just found out by the reader by reading the book.Major Tyson Bra [...]

    3. I ENJOYED this story! The premise was believable,people in the REAL WORLD marry for ALL kinds of reasons other than LOVE. The main characters were likeable and realistic. The chemistry between them was EXCITING! Even the secondary characters held my interest.I don't want to reveal too much in this review because the book should be read and enjoyed.This is my first book by Ms. Knowles and I've got another of hers to be read,so keep up the good writing Ms. Knowles!

    4. The biggest problem I had was the poor quality of the writing. The characters weren't fleshed out enough and there was a huge problem with the way passage of time was handled. You would finish reading a passage and from the ending of one paragraph to the beginning of the next bam, three months had passed. Yes it could be done but when you're attempting to convey the depth of a bond that is forming you need to put in some work. Now let's talk about implausible plots and the build-up of characters [...]

    5. This storyline was so well written that it became very difficult for me to stop reading because of the anticpation of what would happen next. Erosa Knowles has no doubt been added to my list of favorite interracial/multicultural authors.Great Read glad i made the investment.

    6. Well well well, this was a bit of a surprise. I purchased this book without reading the sample and hoped for the best I actually enjoyed this one very much. Why you might add? Well I am a sucker for men who step up and became great fathers to children who aren't theirs actually I find that that makes the male characters even more attractive which was most def the case in the book. Now at first I was like NO not another "loveless marriage" however after I read the details I was I was in love with [...]


    8. Lynay and Tyson married one another out of something they both needed from each other. From their "compatibility" meeting they were instantly attracted to one another, and their sexual tension just escalated from there. It was very honorable how they both agreed to be faithful during Tysons deployment even though they were essentially in a contract marriage. I would say this book focused more on the romance aspect of their relationship then previous books I've read from this author and I liked t [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. I can honestly say it is one of the most well written interracial romances that I've read. I loved the two leads as individual characters and was intrigued by the basis of their relationship and watching that develop. Also there is a real plot/mystery to solve. The book was resolved nicely.

    10. Enjoyed this one Good storyline, well written with few typos . The characters were believable and storyline had a bit of suspense. I enjoyed reading this book. So many IR books are about quick sec and no storyline. Not the case with this one.

    11. DecentWorth the read. It appears some people don't like losing. Want to have their cake and eat it also without regard for others

    12. 4.00 stars. After voice over rereading. The book is well written and the marriage of convenience featuring a military man as protagonist adds to its appeal. My problem with the book is two fold: first, I have a personal affinity against one member of a couple being the parent of a small child. I would have preferred that Lynay Grant be a recently terminated struggling student suffering from severe bouts of asthma; secondly, the primary villain, Allision, Major Tyson Bradford's ex-wife is unneces [...]

    13. This is my introduction to this author's work. The concept was interesting. There were many layers to the makeup of ALL the characters. Yet, it wasn't believable fiction. However, that was fine most of the time. But believing a protective mother with a history full of mistrust due people she loved hurting & letting her down, would take someone to meet their young child then move in with him? No. There were other elements that can go under the "artistic liberties" umbrella. but the introducti [...]

    14. I didn't mind the way Tyson and Lynay were brought together to start the novel, they were both decent characters and development of the relationship wasn't exactly bad, but it just fell flat for me. While it's realistic that Tyson is away for a year or something like that, it doesn't make for a very good romance and growth between the lead characters. Maybe my memory is off, as I read this at least a month ago, but my recollection is that they spent about as much time separated as together in th [...]

    15. This is my first book by Erosa. I must say the writting was phenomenal. The flow of the story worked. You felt like the story progressed at a real state, not being rushed. I love her style of story telling and will be reading more of her work. Tyson and Lynay were an amazing couple. The supporting cast was just as amazing. Seth was too cute. Anne was Lynay ride or die friend/sister. Aunt Lilley was a cute popper and will check you no matter who you are. Even Blue was a great added support in the [...]

    16. I really liked this story. I was a sweet story of Major Tyson Bradford who loved his elderly aunt and wanted to make sure she was taken of. I was also about a single mom who had a sickly son and was struggling to make ends meet and take care of his expense while completing her degree.That begins a really great love story of strong and sexy soldier and a smart and sweet single mom. So Cute and really like both charters which is key for me. This was the first story I've ever read by this author an [...]

    17. Tyson and Lynay were a nice pair, they definitely had some strong chemistry. Although at one point I wanted to hit Tyson for being stupid and almost losing his family over a misunderstanding and completely losing his cool. I blame Tyson's mom and Allison, his ex-wife, for making the poor guy have trust issues, but especially Allison because she was beyond crazy and delusional and the cause behind Tyson's big misunderstanding. Luckily, Lynay eventually forgave him and they could be a family again [...]

    18. I liked the story. But the way it was written how the story flowed was poor. The author was very repetitive and at some points she did not explain things thoroughly enough. At one point she spoke about a person you had no clue to which she was referring. Also she gave great details in the middle of conversations so much so that you had to go back and look at what the last person said to understand where the conversation was headed. Overall it was a great story but it needed better structure.

    19. 4.5 stars. I truly loved this book. Tyson and Lynay makes such a beautiful couple. And Seth, what a cutie little 4 year old. Loved Aunt Lily with her spunk and Anne, girl she was my Shero. What a man had so much hurt in the past with love that didn't know who to trust again. His ex wife, I wish I was inside this story to beat the shit out of her. Oh and Blue, sexy as Chocolate man, he needs a story, please. Bravo to Ms. Knowles. Loved it.

    20. I enjoyed this book,but felt like it was extremely rushed in the middle. I wanted to read more about Tyson and Lynay's relationship. I also wanted a little more tension and time when they first met. It's like they met, and then he left. Overall, great story that reminded me s lot of "The Grunt", which is one on my favorite books.

    21. Special ForcesIt was a good read, nice story. There were some great love scenes and their fight scene among the Bradfords was my fav. There were some grammatical errors which is the reason for 3 stars rather than 4 stars.

    22. Exes Can Be A PainI could not put the book down. I love Lynay and Anne (Anne is gangster lol). Tyson was a jerk but he redeemed himself. This was a really good book. Can't wait to read another of Erosa's books.

    23. oh really nowa marriage of convenience i can totally understand but the development of the story was confusing and lacked substance. they sounded fake (yes i know its fiction) the chemistry wasn't there at all.

    24. I really enjoyed this book, I like how the author let me see what each character had to deal with and the obstacles that they had to deal with, even though our guy had more issues than our lady, agin a really good read, wish it was longer

    25. I really enjoyed the story even when it totally turned toward the end from a romance to a special ops investigation. The characters were fun and the story took interesting turns through out. It was a fun read.

    26. I loved this book. I didn't want to put it down. Iad it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. This is book is about a friend helping a friend out and her brother fell in love with what was supposed to be just temporary.

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