Soulrazor The war continues Eric Cross and his team of elite mercenaries are the bane of the Ebon Cities Armed with the cutting edge arcane weaponry of the Southern Claw Cross and his crew Black Kane Ronan

  • Title: Soulrazor
  • Author: Steven Montano
  • ISBN: 9781478323372
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
  • The war continues Eric Cross and his team of elite mercenaries are the bane of the Ebon Cities Armed with the cutting edge arcane weaponry of the Southern Claw, Cross and his crew Black, Kane, Ronan, Maur, Grissom and Ash have become a veritable thorn in the side of the vampire armies.Now the team is tasked with halting vampire activity near the remote city state of FThe war continues Eric Cross and his team of elite mercenaries are the bane of the Ebon Cities Armed with the cutting edge arcane weaponry of the Southern Claw, Cross and his crew Black, Kane, Ronan, Maur, Grissom and Ash have become a veritable thorn in the side of the vampire armies.Now the team is tasked with halting vampire activity near the remote city state of Fane, where the Ebon Cities have teamed up with a former Revenger in search of a deadly weapon called Soulrazor.To make matters worse, something sinister has happened to Cross, and the key to his salvation is somehow directly tied to the Ebon Cities new soldiers a host of necrotic angels who bear traces of divine power.Cross and his team must travel across a blighted wilderness and do battle with a vile array of enemies as they race not only to save the city of Thornn from total annihilation, but to rescue Cross very soul from an enemy powerful than he could ever imagine

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    1. Steven Montano says:

      Steven Montano Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Soulrazor book, this is one of the most wanted Steven Montano author readers around the world.

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    1. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic Overall Rating = 3 & 1/2 stars OVERVIEW/ANALYSIS: Soulrazor is the third book in the Blood Skies series and after reading the first two books in the series, I was very excited to see where the author was taking the story as in the ending of Black Scars, the protagonist had come at a crossroads of sorts and found new company. His struggles have not lessened though but he has more shoulders to share the burdens.The book story begins twenty-five years aft [...]

    2. Hypnotic. That's how I described "Soulrazor," the third book of the Blood Skies series by author Steven Montano (@Daezarkian), on my Twitter feed. Everything I said about the second book, "Black Scars," in my review can be repeated here. Mr. Montano's prose exploits and explores the senses. The reader will see, hear, feel, taste and smell everything in this wonderfully dystopian world; so much so that we almost become supporting characters. I can honestly say I've never read another author who p [...]

    3. Each book in the BLOOD SKIES series has its own heartbeat and personality. Though all three books have their own storyline, Mr. Montano's construction and connection from one to the other is superb. Unlike its peers, SOULRAZOR takes the reader time traveling at warp speed through the eyes and visions of both Eric Cross and Danica Black. Altering the past to change the future, Cross, along with his team, fight against all odds to find Soulrazor. SOULRAZOR is much like the others with battles agai [...]

    4. After reading this book 17 times, I still didn't hate it. For a writer to say that about their own work has gotta be worth 5 stars, right?

    5. Dark, intense, creative! A group of mercenaries fight against vampires to help save humanity. The leader, Eric Cross has disappeared, but the fight goes on. Very dark, loved it!

    6. I fall more and more in love with the Blood Skies series with every book. Steven Montano has a way of silently ensnaring you in his world of dark fantasy. And the deeper into the series you get the deeper your connection with the story and the characters go. I know I for one am a huge fan of Eric Cross. Cross has not had an easy time working for the Southern Claw, as we know from the first two books Cross goes through some pretty hefty crap, but it is his deep rooted determination that keeps him [...]

    7. I have simply been blown away by this series so far, the post-apocalyptic world that Steve Montano has created is vivid, imaginative and on finishing have immediately started the fourth novel The Crown of Ash.After the events of The Black Scar, Cross has left the Southern Claw and now works as a mercenary taking on the most dangerous missions. His team consist of Danica Black, a witch and former warden of the prison complex Black Scar. Mike Kane, a tough guy gladiator and former inmate of Black [...]

    8. Best of the Blood Skies series thus far. I really appreciated that more than just Cross continued into this book from the last. The ensemble cast here is strong. There's more of a feeling of getting to connect with the people for who they are, not just what they're going through; as I read the beginning third of the book and experienced Cross going about his day, I was struck by how much he has matured and grown since the first. I loved the first plot event and how it impacted him. I loved even [...]

    9. Once again Steven Montano has achieved a superbly written book. This captures you attention and imagination; and draws you into the plot from the start. There was more than one occasion where I wanted to be either alongside Cross fighting with him or fighting for him. In this instalment of the Blood skies Series Cross is no longer a member of The Southern Claw. Instead Cross is heading up a team of mercenaries. The Southern Claw have contracted Cross and his team to stop a deadly weapon from fal [...]

    10. After finishing the first 2 in the series, I was absolutely teaming with anticipation to get into this 3rd instalment.The writer has great descriptive imagination when portraying a scene - I was instantly transferred in to the scene and could picture the entire plot. It was great to learn of the teams life since they returned to Thornn - the way the characters have progressed and grown is brilliant.The story unfolds and twists and turns in several directions - its quite a task to keep up but not [...]

    11. Quite simply, I loved Soulrazor. The author has taken the best elements from the previous formula and given them a refreshing new twist: The darkly poetic style that I enjoyed so much in the first two books is back, this time more polished than ever before. The action sequences, for which Steven Montano is rightly becoming recognised as something of a modern master, are also back, also better than ever. Montano's twisted and despoiled Earth is as dark and dangerous as ever. But this time the sto [...]

    12. Best one yet!!! I am totally hooked on this series and about to start book four! I must admit I was going to download the fifth book and realized it will not be available until2013!!!!!!! WHAAAATTTT? I almost cried! These are some of my favorite books!! I have enjoyed every one of them more than the last! Steven Montano is definitely a recommended writer for me! I do not hesitate to tell others about these books! I am so very glad he decided to stop balancing sheets and write! Selfishly I hope h [...]

    13. There we go! Steven makes a comeback. The text continues to be extremely descriptive to the point of being unimaginable but I guess thats his style of writing. But the good thing here is that Steven has discovered a plot that begins to span a longer arc and its really interesting. He has also chosen to create a team rather than focus only on Cross and it clearly works. We get Black's POV and it is as gripping as Cross's. Ofcourse with the landscape he has created (The Black) he is free to screw [...]

    14. Time-travel tends to get on my nerves because it so often leaves glaring plot-holes and fucks up a decent story, but luckily that didn't happen here. Sure, it opened up a hell lot of questions (is Cross really responsible for The Black?) and left a pretty mess in its wake, but hey this IS a "dystopian fantasy sci-fi military novella" - that's kind of expected around this point. Characters really grew on me, which in my opinion shows further progress in characterization because in the first book [...]

    15. This is a cool addition to the Blood Skies series. This one had the addition of new characters, newish adversaries and some new info on what has happened before. The first part had me wondering what extra goings-on was lurking. Lo and behold, something pretty big was in the wings. Steven did this without too much exposition or any foreshadowing (that I could find.) It felt like things were too quiet. I liked the twists with Soulrazor, though I expected a name for the third blade. Nice use of tim [...]

    16. The journey continuesd once again, it's nothing like what you would expect. Eric Cross is still hounded, chased, tortured, and barely left alive. His friends rush through unimaginable odds to try and save him, and the war between the Southern Claw and the Ebon Cities still rages around them. A great fantasy read. I think book 2 still counts as my favorite though. :PContent Rating: R-LV (L) A bit more language than the first two, but still not pervasive. (V) Lots of vampire fighting/slaying.

    17. Wow! What a fantastic cliff-hanger of an ending! Can't wait for the next volume in this series! Lots of surprises and shocks in this one, many of which I didn't see coming. Once again, great writing from Mr. Montano!I'm getting through this series really quick! I hope the author bumps up his release schedule to earlier dates! :)

    18. This is an interesting and rather unique story that bends time, space and spirit in a post apocalyptic world.It contains a large amount of violence that is integral to the story. It is worth the read, but I wouldn't recommend it for younger folk.

    19. Another chapter in the long and painful run of one Eric Cross. Warlock, former Southern Claw soldier, mercenary leader, prisoner, bomb, time-traveler, old manwait, what?I have to sum up my feelings from the get-to, this is a good series and I enjoyed reading the first two installments. One of my biggest gripes about the first two was the lack of character development and the fact that we only get to see the world through Cross' point of view. Now for the first time, Danica Black takes center sta [...]

    20. A fair to good book. I didn't particularly like the times term jumping around in the plot on this one, but I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.Some grammatical errors throughout the book were annoying.

    21. Good seriesFun thriller, great characters,lots of strange characters. The strange creatures and spirits were out of this world. Lots of action.

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