Unfinished Business So much for happy endings Thrust into a life and family that neither of them were looking for Gabrielle Jacobs and Terrence Whitaker decide that they ll just make the best of it because the have mos

  • Title: Unfinished Business
  • Author: Christina C. Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • So much for happy endings Thrust into a life and family that neither of them were looking for, Gabrielle Jacobs and Terrence Whitaker decide that they ll just make the best of it, because the have most important ingredient Love They failmiserably Through the ashes of their failed romantic relationship, they re able to form a different type of bond, one that allowsSo much for happy endings Thrust into a life and family that neither of them were looking for, Gabrielle Jacobs and Terrence Whitaker decide that they ll just make the best of it, because the have most important ingredient Love They failmiserably Through the ashes of their failed romantic relationship, they re able to form a different type of bond, one that allows them to effectively coparent their daughter, and even become friends But is that enough Constantly pulled together by chance and circumstance, will Gabi and Terrence decide to embark on a journey to finish what they started, or will they decide that it s best to leave the past in the past Please note that this is a sequel, to the book Strictly Professional, and therefore may not provide you with the full story as a standalone

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    1. Christina C. Jones says:

      Christina C. Jones Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unfinished Business book, this is one of the most wanted Christina C. Jones author readers around the world.

    2 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

    1. Great readI thought Unfinished Business was a great sequel to Strictly Professional. I liked the fact that while Terrance & Gabi's relationship experienced a bit of turbulence & uncertainty, their true love for each other never waivered. This was another well written romance novel by Chrisine C. Jones that I enjoyed reading & recommend to all.

    2. So, immediately after finishing the prequel, I flew to to download “Unfinished Business” and was continuing with the series in less than four minutes. I was expecting to pick up with Gabi and Terrance’s discovery however, Jones threw a curve ball. I was absolutely not anticipating where the story picked up. I found myself immediately taking sides when discovering the “layover” history between these two. What was genius about Jones’ craft is that she picked up a new timeline in this [...]

    3. Unfinished BusinessThis is the follow-up to Strictly Professional and it picks up five years later. We find Gabi and Terrence sharing custody of their daughter. Terrence wants Gabi back but she wants only to be friends. Terrence is determined to do whatever to make Gabi see that they belong together. I thought this was a great follow-up to the first book.

    4. This follow-up to Strictly Professional was definitely unfinished business. It was a very sweet story following Gabi and Terrence through nine years of struggles and forgiveness. In the end, love prevails. A must read.

    5. Unfinished Business was a great finish to a most enjoyable story. Mrs. Jones' characters are likable, funny and sensitive. Her use of humor is an extra special treat! Will certainly read whatever she writes.

    6. Unfinished Business is the follow up to Strictly Professional. This was a book that I really needed to read because I actually felt like I had unfinished business with the main characters Gabi and Terrence. I wanted, no again needed to know how their lives were going, what path life had taken them and how they navigated it. These were two wonderful characters in SP and I was invested in them. I wanted to read about their success and even their failures if there were some. I liked this couple and [...]

    7. STORY LINE: Gabi and Terrence are a little older and wiser in Unfinished Business. When their story opens, they are still a couple. Gabi gives up her career to be a parent, but is overwhelmed and soon resentful of Terrence, who is moving ahead professionally. The path of true love doesn't run smooth and the couple is assailed by an assortment of problems, including insecurity and jealous associatesAYERS: Gabi has grown up and is now holding her own as a mother and a professional. She has moved a [...]

    8. It's not secret that I'm a huge fan of up and coming author, Christina Jones. I've read all of her books that she's written thus far and none of them disappoint. And her newest novel, Unfinished Business, is no different. The sequel to Strictly Professional and set five years into the future, Unfinished Business is a contemporary romance in which we watch Gabi attempt to move from her bad breakup with Terrence. Meanwhile, Terrence is focused on the complete opposite. He's finally realized his mi [...]

    9. The law of attraction means nothing to Gabi and Terrance as they try to find themselves on even footing as they work through the ins and outs of their relationship. There is unfinished business to attend to. However, past hurts and legal undertakings push all that to the back burner and not even these two can argue this case.Another enjoyable read for me. The beginning through me for a total loop; I was like wth is going on. I loved the flashbacks that pieced together gaps in the timeline which [...]

    10. We meet up with Gabi and Terrence five years later. One would have thought at the end of the 1st book that it would have been a happily ever after story. That is not the case. Gabi and Terrence relationship didn't work out. They loved each other but with the birth of their daughter the relationship changed. After a sting of events Gabi decides to move to Texas. Even though she is in another state Terrence is still in her heart. I really liked reading about Gabi and Terrence. I like the fact that [...]

    11. Unfinished Business is the sequel to Strictly Perfessional. At the end of Strictly Professional you think that Gabi and Terrance was gonna live happily ever after.Unfinished Business picks up 5 years down the road and we learn that everything is not lovey dovey for Gabi and Terrance. After giving birth to their daughter, Joci, Terrance wants Gabi to become a stay at home mom. Gabi misses her career and Terrance is never home. After a surprise drop in at Terrance's office, everything changes. I l [...]

    12. Truly good book to read. Life happens and when you fall in love, you make mistakes in the relationship. If you're not willing to work on it, the relationship sours. Gabi and Terrence had a daughter but Terrence and his aunt pressured Gabi to quit her career as a lawyer and become a stay strong home mom. Neither offered her an assistsnce but pushed her into depression. Gabi caught Terrence about yo cheat on their relationship and called theirs quit, moved to Texas and renewed her career as a lawy [...]

    13. A Beautiful Story- BRAB Online Book ClubThis second Gabi & Terrence's have me standing and cheering "well done". It's a beautiful story in which love prevailed.After Gabi gave birth to Joci, she felt pressured into being a stay at home mom, which left her feeling overwhelmed. Moving to Dallas to start over, they made a conscious effort to co-parent. I am really pleased how the author developed the story, in that I felt every emotion. I so wanted to take care of Preston and Sabrina for all th [...]

    14. They finally quit playingGabi and Terrance had been messing up, misunderstanding, and flat out denying wanting to be reunited with each other. Mostly Gabi. With outside forces and self-inflicted doubt they could not get it right or can they? Loved the conclusion of Gabi and Terrance. great job Ms CJones.c

    15. I enjoyed the romance between Gabi and Terrence. Although they had their challenges you can feel that what they had was real. I like when kids have a role in the story they say some of the cutest things. I feel that the author did a great job at drawing you into the emotions of the characters.

    16. Finally FinishedTerrance & Gabi's drama was a page turner! That long distant "friendship" wore me down but thankfully they pulled it together. It's filled with some laugh out loud moments. Wonder what happened to the ex boyfriend and Gabi's parents

    17. I just finished this book and I can truly say I feel good . I love it when a books makes you feel a little nervous because you are not sure what will happen. I really loved this couple, their journey of forgiveness and love was a pleasure to read .

    18. Great!Great!I was bummed about the split but totally happy Gabi & Terrence made it back to each other again. This book was well written and so real.I laughed and I cried taking this journey to happily ever after and you will to!

    19. This book had more of a storyline that was a bit drama filled more then part 1, but it all came down to the same thing Gabi and Terrence. As in part 1 they ended up together again, but it was written 5 years out so we could see some growth with them. It was a good read to be placed in my library.

    20. Great readGreat story line. I really liked Terrence and Gabi, the back forth between there points of view is good. A few grammatical errors, nothing that can't be figured out

    21. I love when Contemp/Romance sequels are about the same couple. Most of them feature other characters that were introduced in the first book which is fine. But sometimes I just need a little bit more of that same ole love!I ALSO love when a sequel doesn't pick up the way I expect it to. Gabi and TerranceBRUH! I was NOT expecting the book to start the way it did. It was so realistic though! What happened between these two characters was more than authentic and believable. I'm sure there is a coupl [...]

    22. OMGI was devastated at the book opening What happened to what I thought was a happy couple? LIFE happened, insecurity happened and the man punked out on being there for his woman is what happened. But he woke up and realized his mistakes, she also did and they became friends again and wonderful co-parents. But took time to come back to the realization THEY STILL LOVED ONE ANOTHER. I was over my devastation by books end and the smile was a mile wide. Loved this series and am highly recommending t [...]

    23. Loved it!I absolutely loved reading book 2 of Gabi and Terrence! They both went through a lot. I'm glad they were able to overcome all their issues and realize they were made for each other. I am also happy that Preston got what he deserved. He was definitely a jerk. Also Sabrina was a head case. Glad she got what she deserved as well. As always great job Mrs Jones!

    24. FinallyI didn't expect Gabi and Terrence's relationship to end up how it was in this book. The reality in the ups and downs in their relationship made it all the more enjoyable in the end. Preston and Sabrina deserve each other

    25. Great sequelAh, this was a great sequel to "Strictly Professional." This story revealed the not so glory side of happily ever after. It was a reflection of how life will intervene. However, I enjoyed getting to know Terrence and Gabrielle as they grew, matured, and reconnected.

    26. CCJ Did it AgainI read this entire series in one day! After finishing the first book I rushed to the second book so quick I couldn't even leave a review for book one! This series was so good! CCJ NEVER fails to amaze me!

    27. Unfinished Business (Strictly Professional Book 1)One year later, Terrence and Gabrielle are in 💘 and now engaged to be married. This couple got a HEA and so did their daughter Joci & her 🚼 brother TJ. The End.

    28. Loved the series.This book have all the makings for a good read, drama, expense and romance. I have enjoyed all of Christina Jones books.

    29. LoveSo much love in one book I love it so So much . You did a wonderful job with everything . Just perfect

    30. AYE! What a book! I was hoping and praying and talking to my kindle for Gabi and Terrance to get back together. I love that woman Gabi true to hers, hold it down on her own, successful, beautiful, know that the all her power does not come from in between her legs, but being confident in herself doing what she love doing. Putting other people's happiness before your own will only result in misery.Go Christina Babii keep doing your thing!

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