Britt Marie var h r Britt Marie var h r r en roman om att f rlora sig f r lska sig och att sparka p det som rullar Borg r ett samh lle om vilket det sn llaste man kan s ga r att det ligger vid en v g Britt Marie r en

  • Title: Britt-Marie var här
  • Author: Fredrik Backman
  • ISBN: 9789198182002
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Britt Marie var h r r en roman om att f rlora sig, f r lska sig och att sparka p det som rullar Borg r ett samh lle om vilket det sn llaste man kan s ga r att det ligger vid en v g Britt Marie r en 63 rig kvinna som f tt h ra att hon r en passivt aggressiv ltande gn llk rring Hon har l mnat storstan och sin otrogna man efter 40 rs ktenskap, Borg har g tt igenoBritt Marie var h r r en roman om att f rlora sig, f r lska sig och att sparka p det som rullar Borg r ett samh lle om vilket det sn llaste man kan s ga r att det ligger vid en v g Britt Marie r en 63 rig kvinna som f tt h ra att hon r en passivt aggressiv ltande gn llk rring Hon har l mnat storstan och sin otrogna man efter 40 rs ktenskap, Borg har g tt igenom en finanskris som inte l mnat n got annat efter sig n till salu skyltar och en lstinkande pizzeria Britt Marie hatar fotboll, Borg har inget annat n fotbollen kvar Det r inte b rjan p en underbar v nskap, det r det sannerligen inte Men n r ungdomslaget i byn beh ver en tr nare s desperat att de till slut r redo att ge jobbet till vem som helst, d bryr de sig inte om petitesser som att hon absolut inte vill ha det F r n r det kommer till kritan finns bara en universell sanning om samh llen vid v gar Pizzerior och fotboll r det sista som verger m nniskorna Britt Marie var h r r en roman om f rdomar inte f r att Britt Marie har f rdomar, givetvis inte , korrekt organiserade besticksl dor gafflar knivar skedar, i den ordningen, men inte f r att Britt Marie ltar och en landsbygd vid en transportstr cka Det r en ber ttelse om andra chanser, f rsta sparkar och hur n stan allt g r att reng ra med bikarbonat F rfattaren till En man som heter Ove och Min mormor h lsar och s ger f rl t har skrivit en k rlekshistoria och en k rleksf rklaring, om spelet fotboll och platserna d r man spelar det, men mest av allt om en kvinna som v ntat ett helt liv p att hennes ska b rja.

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      Fredrik Backman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Britt-Marie var här book, this is one of the most wanted Fredrik Backman author readers around the world.

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    1. I am very late to the party for this book and when I saw this in the library, I remembered how so many of my friends had read and loved this. This is a terrific tale of Britt-Marie who is 63, and who we meet as she tries to get a job because she is afraid no one will notice if she were to die, she keenly feels her isolation and loneliness. It quickly becomes clear that something is wrong from her OCD issues surrounding her manic cleaning and the manner in which she pins down her employment advi [...]

    2. This book was freaking amazing! And yeah, it made me cry . . . I thought his book was wonderfully, sad. I loved Britt-Marie so much. She had these quirks that were in ways sad and in others beautiful. I would love to meet her, God would she give me a mouthful. lol *Possibly one mild spoiler*She just tells it like it is: "You have a very modern hairstyle.""What? Oh. Thanks," she replies, her fingertips moving self-consciously towards her scalp."It's very courageous of you to wear your hair so sho [...]

    3. "If Kent had been here"Throughout this charming-tender-story, *Britt-Marie*, often reflects on her husband, Kent, who she walked out on after 40 years of marriage. She lands a job working as a caretaker at a recreation center, 12 miles away from where she and Kent lived, in a small run-down village. How she got the job is hilarious. Laugh-out-loud funny! Yet, when Britt-Marie says she misses her balcony, back home, more than anything, it was an early clue to me, that there was some deeper lossd [...]

    4. "There’s a lot you can’t know about a person until you become one with her. What her capabilities are. The courage she has."I first met Britt-Marie in Backman’s novel My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry. She wasn’t exactly loveable in that book, so I was prepared to meet yet another grumpy and somewhat eccentric character in this one. Well, she was just as I imagined she would be! While I thought perhaps I wasn’t going to be inclined to read an entire book about her royal [...]

    5. 3+ stars. I loved Fredrik Backman's first two books, so I went to some lengths to get a copy of his third book, Britt-Marie Was Here. I begged shamelessly on a couple of sites for advance copies. When that didn't work, I found a copy while on a trip to New York because the book was not yet available in Canada. The problem with high anticipation is that it can sometimes breed disappointment. I liked Britt-Marie Was Here, but I didn't love it the same way I loved its predecessors. Unfortunately, i [...]

    6. Those of you who have read My Grandmother Told Me to Tell You She's Sorry, will remember Britt-Marie. For those of you who have not yet read it, I advise reading it first. That book gives you the background of Britt-Marie while she was still married. This book starts off with her looking for a job. She hasn't worked in years. She's been a devoted wife, giving over her entire life to Kent. But Kent hasn't appreciated her brand of obsessive loyalty and has had an affair and she has left him. Britt [...]

    7. My inauguration into the world of Backman.I wasn't sure about it for the first 50 pages thinking this character is whacked and do I really want to read about a 64 year old woman who is only just finding herself after years of repression? It turned out, yes I do. Britt-Marie is a hot mess. She's left her husband - which was well overdue- but is lost in a world nonexistent to others. She's never worked outside of the home and she has cleaning OCD. She's really odd - her thoughts; her behaviours. S [...]

    8. The publisher sent me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts & opinions are my own.You guys. You GUYS! This was one of the sweetest books I have ever read. After reading Fredrik Backman's first novelA Man Called Ove earlier this year, I was contacted by the publisher to read & review his latest release, Britt-Marie Was Here. Even though I wasn't obsessed with A Man Called Ove, I thought it was incredibly quirky, funny and touching, so I figured I would give th [...]

    9. Britt-Marie was Here is the best book I've read this year. Simply put, it is fantastic. Britt-Marie is difficult, frustrating and socially awkward. She is also insensitive and kind of rude. A minor character in My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry, Britt-Marie was instantly disliked in that book and is not well liked in the beginning of this one either. However, Fredrik Backman has this endearing way of making old curmudgeons likeable and being extremely successful at it (i.e. Ove and [...]

    10. Backman is expert at making me fall in love with his characters -- annoying on the outside, utterly charming on the inside. His better-known book, "A Man Called Ove," has more straightforwardly good and bad characters that are easier to like and dislike, then ending a crowd pleaser. Here he takes on the monumental challenge of nuance -- characters which are both good and bad, endings that are not pat -- & he does admirably.

    11. Described on the blurb as a " Brilliant mix of belly-laughs, Insightful and touchingI was really looking forward to my 4th Novel my Fredrick Blackman having recently read and loved Beartown but unfortunatly Britt-Marie was a real let down as on completion I found it neither witty or touching and am afraid this book was quite twee and dull in my opinion.I didnt connect with Britt-Marie as a fussy passive aggressive busybody and while I know other readers might connect or empathize with her I just [...]

    12. Britt-Marie was sort of a married woman. Sort of. If it wasn't for her husband's heart attack while being with his mistress, Britt-Marie might still have been happily locked away in her forty-year-old marriage, where she loved her balcony and her total dedication to her husband. She had no friends, did not go outside her apartment, and never questioned her needy behavior. As long as her husband was completely depended on her mothering skills, she was happy. Life was under control. Sort of. It wa [...]

    13. You see, Britt-Marie does not judge people. No, certainly not. That would be uncivilized."Britt-Marie would obviously never consider the woman to be "fat," because Britt-Marie is absolutely not the kind of person who pigeonholes people like that, but it does strike her how wonderful it must be for the woman to go through life so untroubled by her cholesterol levels."Again, you see, it's just a matter of their being a wrong way to do things and a correct way. A clean, hygienic way. Unfortunately, [...]

    14. My regard for soccer is increasing and my thoughts about "dying" or struggling towns is evolving. Thanks to the town of Borg and Britt-Marie. Dying relationships and dying economies come together in this novel of a late middle-aged woman who has left her old life with no real idea of who she is or where she's going -- physically, geographically or emotionally. Backman's book is her journey of self-discovery and her/Borg's discovery of each other.Britt-Marie has been a wife and homemaker for her [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars"You are not alone if someone needs you."Backman does it againes a one-of-a-kind quirky character, but this one just wants to be loved, needed and remembered.The laughs begin early on as an honest (to a fault) and forthright 63 year old Britt-Marie enters into a conversation with a girl working in the unemployment office. Desperately in need of a job to improve her self-esteem and need to be useful, Britt-Marie unknowingly proceeds to insult the girl with a so-called compliment about he [...]

    16. Being a bit sceptical to begin with, I ended up loving this book! The thing that had me sceptical was the protagonist, Britt-Marie, who is quite a character! She lives according to rules, traditions and norms, and she constantly worries about what other people think of her. This makes her quite a rude and quirky character that I wasn't sure I was up for reading a whole book about. However, I stuck with it and quickly found myself loving her and her quirkiness - how did that happen? The things th [...]

    17. 5★Loved it! Britt-Marie is an unappreciated social misfit, overlooked and living in the shadows of people who are more important, much like the author’s famous Ove from A Man Called Ove. She is as stubbornly awkward and set in her ways as Ove. She wonders why people look offended or startled when she says things to be sociable.“It’s very courageous of you to wear your hair so short when you have such a large forehead.”or“It was very brave of you, putting that tie on. Because it looks [...]

    18. Brit-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman is a 2016 Atria Books publication. Believe it or not, this is my first novel by this author! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about his novels and can’t think of a better way to start off 2017 than by finally joining the Fredrik Backman club! Brit-Marie was Here is just an all around wonderful story! I laughed, got angry, worried, and cried, but closed the book feeling like I’d been on a special journey with Britt-Marie in her quest for purpose, be [...]

    19. Britt-Marie was an intensely unlikable woman in My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. Perhaps that's because she was so unhappy herself. I'm so glad I was able to get to know her better in Britt-Marie Was Here. It should be mentioned that, although I highly recommend reading My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry, and you will be even more impressed by Britt-Marie in this book if you do, you won't have any trouble at all reading this as a stand-alone. Sixty-three year old Bri [...]

    20. Britt-Marie is just a little bit crazy. As all of us are. She has issues, a touch of OCD when it comes to organizing things, like cutlery drawers and stacks of cigarette cartons on store counters. She cleans obsessively, because that's the only way to keep the chaos at bay, to make sure she's on top of things and in control. Britt-Marie has reasons for being this way. As all of us do. And Britt-Marie also has a philandering husband who was stupid enough to have a heart attack in the company of h [...]

    21. An intriguing read. I would not call it hilarious, but it was certainly humorous and heart-warming.'If you merely drive through Borg its easy to notice only the places that have been closed down. You have to slow down to see what's still there. There are people in Borg. There are rats and Zimmer-frames and greenhouses. Wooden fences and white jerseys and lit candles. Newly laid turf and sunny stories.'This is no doubt true of many small towns around the world, but Borg is the unlikely place wher [...]

    22. I feel like the jerkiest of jerks here, but I was honestly just kind of bored with this one. If you liked Backman's A Man Called Ove, there's a good chance that you will like this one, too. It feels very familiar, with its tale of a stubborn senior citizen won over and softened by the bigger world. In my Ove review, I commented that Backman toed the line of treacly without falling completely in. Maybe he finally fell; I think that reading another book that was so similar thematically was just to [...]

    23. Absolutely, one of the most charming novels I've read. Fredrik Backman has a wonderful way of finding beauty in the most ordinary places. Both literally and figuratively. Britt-Marie is a character that I will definitely remember for a long time. 4 stars.

    24. 3 ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️“Ha.” Britt-Marie loves baking soda and Fredrik Backman loves her name because not only is it in the title but it appears several times on just about every page. In point of fact our author is quite fond of repeats: “If it’s no bother to you. I obviously don't want to cause you any bother, she adds in a bothered tone of voice. It's no bother at all says the policeman who seems free of any kind of bothered tendencies.”This of course bothered me quite often so I pic [...]

    25. [7/10] A Man called Ovewas one of the most pleasant surprises I had about a year ago, during the winter holidays. It felt like it was custom-made to 'restore my faith in humanity' as Roger Ebert puts it in some of his movie reviews. A cantankerous old man who only wants to be left alone to die in peace is brought back to a sense of belonging to a small community by a series of oddball neighbours. I decided this Christmas to see if Backman is a one-hit-wonder, or if he can weave his magic for me [...]

    26. Britt-Marie is 63 years old and she has always felt invisible. The only people who ever appreciated her enough to 'see' her were her sister Ingrid (long since dead) and her husband Kent (for a short while after they were first married). She has no friends. She likes to clean and is more than a bit OCD when it comes to having everything in its proper place. Oh and she LOVES balconies, purple tulips, and crosswords!Readers first met Britt-Marie in Fredrik Backman's last novel "My Grandmother asked [...]

    27. Brilliant. Not many books can make me shed actual tears. So real. Review to come.2-Aug-16Britt-Marie was in Fredrick Backman’s previous release My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry. That was a brilliant book, but unlike Ove and Britt-Marie, it concentrated on a young (gifted) little girl. The striking thing for me about Britt-Marie (and Ove) is how much I related to the realness of these older characters. I see a lot of myself in them. Not to say I am like them, but so many of their [...]

    28. Britt-Marie was Here. What I expected from this book: Old OCD Lady blah blah blah, looking for a job, blah blah coming to crappy town, blah blah blah, talking to rats(?) cleaning the shit out of every floor she steps on; coaching soccer in town full of half or full blown orphans; blah blah blah; they win their little tournament and everyone lives happily ever after. (The last part about winning I made up based on every movie I've ever watched where team of losers, worked hard and won because tha [...]

    29. Britt-Marie is the sort of person who likes things just so. She can’t abide a disorganized cutlery drawer, being offered “milk” in tiny disposable cartons, plastic mugs, plastic teaspoons. She is, if nothing else, fastidious. “’Milk and Sugar?’ the girl asks, pouring some coffee into a plastic mug. Britt-Marie doesn’t judge anyone. Far from it. But who would behave like that? A plastic mug! Are we at war?”Britt-Marie begins this journey as a 63-year old woman who has just moved o [...]

    30. Britt-Marie Was Here. But, who is Britt-Marie?Before saying more about this character, I want to make one thing clear: Britt-Marie is very intelligent. She can knock off crossword puzzles like they were Grade 3 quizzes. I have to resort to number puzzles because I am crossword puzzle challenged. In my own defense, I will add that I mostly do jigsaw Sudoku puzzles and they are harder than regular ones, but in my books, Britt-Marie reigns supreme in the puzzle department.So, aside from her intelli [...]

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