Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair Welcome to Cozy Creek a quaint tourist town nestled along the Pacific Coast Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart trying to build up her interior decorator business and baking cookies when mu

  • Title: Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair
  • Author: K.M. Morgan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Cozy Creek, a quaint tourist town nestled along the Pacific Coast.Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart, trying to build up her interior decorator business, and baking cookies when murder strikes Cozy Creek.At first she leaves the investigation to Chris Crumple, the local bumbling police detective But when Crumple arrests the wrong suspect, Daisy takes thWelcome to Cozy Creek, a quaint tourist town nestled along the Pacific Coast.Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart, trying to build up her interior decorator business, and baking cookies when murder strikes Cozy Creek.At first she leaves the investigation to Chris Crumple, the local bumbling police detective But when Crumple arrests the wrong suspect, Daisy takes the investigation into her own hands.Cracking the case won t be easy She ll need help from her pastry baking best friend Samantha, her wise cracking Granny Annie, and her trusty West Highland Terrier Shamus.It s up to Daisy McDare to find the murderer in Cozy Creek before they strike again.

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    1. K.M. Morgan says:

      Sign up for mailing list right here and get a FREE book eepurl 7Wt8L I am the author of the Daisy McDare series of cozy mysteries, featuring a feisty, cupcake loving interior decorator turned sleuth.

    2 thoughts on “Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair

    1. I will read most anything as long as it has a list of interesting characters and a plot that makes sense. This is my 2nd Daisy McDare book and I swear I have lost IQ points. These books have to be the dumbest pieces of literature on the market. The only reason I read the 2nd one was because I needed it for a challenge and I was hoping that the 2nd one didn't suck. Oh how wrong I was. Each book was pretty much the same plot. You have the MC, Daisy McDare, or Daisy McDiabetes as I like to call her [...]

    2. Daisy Mcdare is an interior decorator. She gets a law firm as her new client, but when her boss is murdered and the cops arrest the wrong person Daisy realizes that the only way to free the innocent woman is to solve the murder herself. Only it seems everybody has a motive. Can she narrow it down and find the killer in time to save the wrongly accused?I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the story a lot. The mystery was very good. Even once the main character had f [...]

    3. I was given a free copy from the author for an honest review. Thanks for the opportunity to review this delightful chick-lit and cozy mystery. I found it well-written except for a few editorial errors. Daisy is an decorator living near the coast in Oregon. She was asked to decorate a lawyer's office and was dismayed at the drama she witness. At her next visit she finds the lawyer dead and the cleaning lady arrested for the deed. Daisy can tell by a person's eyes if they are lying and Daisy feel [...]

    4. I read the second book in this series hoping for better character development and a better audio narration. The narration was better than the first book or I just got used to the narrator's voice. I don't like the plot in this series. A murder occurs at every place this interior designer works? The detectives always arrest the wrong person and dessert eating Daisy always reveals the true killer? It's just silly The narrator might actually be good if she was reading something that wasn't so ridic [...]

    5. Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair is a mystery by K.M. Monroe. It is a very interesting book and kept my attention. However, the paragraphs are rather short and choppy which took away from the story. I felt on edge the entire time I was reading it. The characters could be developed a little more. It could be with so many characters it isn’t entirely possible to go too far into depth. . The plot is very simple; but finding the solution isn’t. Daisy McDare lives in Cozy Creek and loves [...]

    6. Yeesh! What a mess of a book. First of alle cover. Daisy makes it clear she is no slim and trim, waif of a woman, and doesn't want to be. She loves sweets, and in huge proportions, and doesn't seem to eat anything else but dessert. What's up with the skinny portrayal of Daisy on the cover of this book? This book was irritating in that I found Daisy to be an annoyance. I didn't get the sense that she had any "style" as she claimed, nor did there seem to be any talent for decorating laid out for a [...]

    7. A nice, light, quick read. Daisy is an interesting MC. When she puts her mind to something she doesn't stop. A simple mystery, yet I didn't know the killer until the reveal. ;) There were a few minor editing issues, but overall, an enjoyable read.

    8. To be fair, I didn't finish reading this book (heck, not even a quarter of of it). Therefore, the review that I am going to write is "qualified opinion" at best. However, judging from the raving reviews this book has received thus far, I do feel compelled to put in my negative two cents to provide a more balanced outlook.First of all, this is NOT a sweet and short read as some audience claimed. Sweet, perhaps (especially if you share the same obsession with chocolate chip cookies as the protagon [...]

    9. I was given a free copy to read and review for the author, Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair is a mystery by K.M. Monroe. It's a fast moving book, where chapters where short and sometime a little too short.The first plot begins with a murder with which she really has nothing do do with apart from the "wrong time wrong place" issue, after all, she's only called in to work on the decorating! But she has already heard lots of negative talk about the now "murder?" victim, and she definitely d [...]

    10. This was one of those rare books that was clean and easy to follow. A nice book to curl up with in the evenings. Usually half way through, I know who dunnit but this one I couldn't guess. That's why it was such a good book, it keeps a person guessing.Daisy is an interior decorator and was just hired by Max, a high falooting lawyer, when he is murdered. Everyone in the office has an axe to grind with him, including his wife. But who gets arrested is the one person who is the only one without an a [...]

    11. Daisy McDare is an interior decorator hired to redecorate the offices of attorney Max Cash. Poor Daisy didn't know what she was getting herself into. When Max is found dead, a suspect is arrested, but Daisy doesn't believe its the right person. She throws herself into her own investigation trying to find the real killer. The office is full of dysfunctional employees, so this gives plenty of suspects! I really enjoyed this book, lots of colorful characters, and Daisy is a lot of fun, I really wou [...]

    12. This is a cozy short story mystery, which is appropriate for all reading ages. Nothing off-color to put off the readers from a nice clean read. The main character, Daisy, is a heart-broken, chocolate-loving interior decorator, who just got a redecorating job at a law office. The owner, a sleazy, money-grubbing, skirt-chasing, scummy lawyer is found dead and Daisy feels the person accused of the crime is innocent, so she sets out to find the real guilty person.I very much enjoyed all of the chara [...]

    13. I was given a copy by the author (Thank you K.M. Morgan!!!!). I loved the book but wished it was longer. I very much liked the author's style. Daisy is very likable and I could easily picture the scenes. The characters are described in great detail. Daisy is an interior decorator that finds herself in the middle of solving a murder at a job she has been hired for. Knowing the wrong person has been arrested for the murder, Daisy cannot sit back and let it happen so she sets out to prove the woman [...]

    14. Daisy is hired to redecorate the law offices of Max Cash. She hasn't heard alot of good about him, but work is work. Daisy never expected to find so much drama in one place. Starting with the snarky receptionist and right on up the employee change to the very unlikeable Max. She witnessed several disagreements and discussions that seemed ignited with hidden emotions. Daisy gets the job and starts putting things together. When she returns for work the next day she discovers the police taking away [...]

    15. I received this book free from the author based on my review of another cozy mystery. This is a fun cozy that is a quick read. The character of Daisy is developed throughout the book (I'm a sucker for good character development) so that I cared about her. The solution of the mystery seemed a little like a cheat as Daisy has an "Ah-ha, I know who the killer is" before she has what I felt was a vital piece of information. But I did enjoy it and will read the next book in the series. I love the cha [...]

    16. Copy from authorDaisy McDare is an interior designer in a small town in the Pacific coast. She is trying to build her career while mending a broken heart.Daisy finds herself investigating the case when the local bumbling police detective Chris Crumble arrests the wrong person. With the aid of her pastry baking best friend, wise cracking grandmother and her trusty terrier dog they come together to solve the case.Daisy is a no nonsense lady who takes charge. Charming and loveable who even bakes co [...]

    17. I**I received a copy of this book from the author for free for an honest review. All opinions are my own**I enjoyed this first foray into a cozy mystery from a new author. The story was quirky and amusing. It is a simple quick paced read. There are numerous characters and a large suspect pool with which to pull from. The addition of a possible side romantic interest fits in nicely. over a good and satisfying read.

    18. 'Daisy McDare and the Deadly Legal Affair' is another good book in this series. The storyline was fast paced and a good read. I enjoyed Daisy and her sleuthing skills. The characters are great. I love Granny Annie's enthusiasm. I look forward to reading more of this series. A good add to your tbr list.

    19. I received this book in exchange for a review.I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Daisy McDare's story and the many people that she meets. The book is well written and the characters have depth. Basically, this book has everything I look for in a cozy mystery. I will definitely be following this series.

    20. enjoyed this book, i felt like a lot of time was spent fleshing out characters but since it will be a series, i hoping that will pay off. i wish we would have seen a little more interaction between the heroine and her new interest. overall i enjoyed it and will add the next book on my must read list.

    21. What a fun cozy mystery this was. I loved that Daisy was a no nonsense/take no prisoners type of amateur sleuth who also happened to have an addiction to sweet treats. You sorta felt like you were right there with her figuring out the case, a very enjoyable little book. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    22. I have just finished reading this book and I loved it! I loved the characters and their little gossip sessions, I loved grannie Annie too. The book had a great storyline and I liked how it was written. I can't wait to download the second book to see if Daisy and Gavin progress. Definitely recommend reading this book

    23. Daisy McDare and The Deadly Legal AffairDefinitely a beach type read. It is a simple, quick murder mystery read with a little romance thrown in. Interesting cast of characters, but not much believable interactions.

    24. Loved this story. Enjoyed the main characters and the plot. Loved that Daisy was drawn into a real problem from the beginning. really great friendship with Samantha and her Grandmother Annie. Hope to see more of Grant and Rosie with Daisy and Shamus.

    25. Good Base for the start of a series. Needs a little more to Daisy character and I would have liked it if her and Galvin worked together showing that they might become romantically involved. I am sure that the 2nd book will have those things and I am looking forward to reading it.

    26. This was a fun and quick read with good character development. The author did a great job of keeping the reader guessing until the end. Good suspense for a novella. I am anxious for more adventures and to see what happens between Daisy and Gavin!

    27. This was a really cute book with delightful characters. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to more books by this author.

    28. I was given a free copy of this book. This is a wonderful crime story that sucked me in. I really want to know what happens next with daisy and her love life. Great read.

    29. I liked it. There was pars that made me laugh, parts that made me want a cupcake, and parts that found me rooting for her and this new man. I can't wait to read the next one

    30. i had a hard time with this book. it was good but rather oddly put. short chapters that were some what repetitive. i enjoyed it but i think of it more as a short story than a book

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