Zoe s Muster When Zoe the black sheep of the Porter family discovers that her biological father Peter is a Far North Queensland cattleman her deep desire to meet him takes her from her inner city life to a jo

  • Title: Zoe's Muster
  • Author: Barbara Hannay
  • ISBN: 9780143569121
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Zoe, the black sheep of the Porter family, discovers that her biological father, Peter, is a Far North Queensland cattleman, her deep desire to meet him takes her from her inner city life to a job at remote Mullinjim Station.But Zoe is sworn to secrecy Her mother, Claire, is afraid to confront the ghosts of her past.Virginia Fairburn is happily married to Peter but sWhen Zoe, the black sheep of the Porter family, discovers that her biological father, Peter, is a Far North Queensland cattleman, her deep desire to meet him takes her from her inner city life to a job at remote Mullinjim Station.But Zoe is sworn to secrecy Her mother, Claire, is afraid to confront the ghosts of her past.Virginia Fairburn is happily married to Peter but she s always lived with the shadow of the other woman her husband loved and lost.Out on the muster at Mullinjim, Zoe meets brooding cattleman Mac McKinnon Every instinct tells Mac that Zoe is hiding something, and as the pressure to reveal her mother s secret builds, Zoe fears she must confide in him or burst.The truth has the potential to destroy two families Or can it clear the way for new beginnings

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      220 Barbara Hannay
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    1. Barbara Hannay says:

      Multi award winning author, Barbara Hannay, is a city bred girl with a yen for country life Most of her 40 plus books are set in rural and outback Australia and they ve been enjoyed by readers around the world.In her own version of life imitating art, Barbara and her husband currently live on a misty hillside in beautiful Far North Queensland where they keep heritage pigs, hens, ducks, turkeys and an untidy but productive garden.Zoe s Muster Penguin Australia has been short listed for the Romance Writer s of America s RITA award.Visit Barbara s website at barbarahannayFollow her on Facebook and Twitter Barbara also blogs regularly at The Chocolate Box chocolateboxwriters

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    1. The unexpected discovery that the man she’d thought of as her father, politician Rex Porter was not her biological father had Zoe in a mess. Her mother Claire swore Zoe to secrecy – the upset to Rex as a politician just wasn’t allowed to happen. But when the job of camp-muster cook at Mullinjim Station became available, and Zoe knew her biological father and family lived there, Zoe was determined to meet them all. With no thought to the can of worms she could unearth, Zoe was soon on her w [...]

    2. An engaging story, Zoe's Muster doesn't stray far from familiar ground for Barbara Hannay, the award winning author of over 40 category romance novels published by Harlequin, blending romance and an Australian rural setting. Zoe Porter is stunned to learn that a North Queensland cattleman, Peter Fairburn, is her biological father, not the high profile Brisbane politician who raised her. Against her mothers wishes, but agreeing to keep her secret, Zoe abandons her cupcake business and takes a tem [...]

    3. Absolutely LOVED Zoe's Muster!! A really well-developed storyline, with fab characters and some laugh out loud moments. Can't wait for Barbara Hannay's next book!

    4. 4.5 starsBarbara Hannay is a well-established romance author for Harlequin and despite many of her stories featuring the Australian outback; Zoe’s Muster is the first of her novels to be marketed purely in the rural romance domain.In Zoe’s Muster, Hannay clearly displays how proficiently she creates a steamy love story amidst the backdrop of Australian’s rugged land. This story explores various character viewpoints: Zoe, her love interest, Mac, her mother Claire and her biological father [...]

    5. 4.5 starsWhat could be more uplifting than beginning the new year with a rural romance that takes ones breath away with its landscape, its wonderful cast of characters and its superb storyline. I’m just sorry that this novel has been sitting on my shelf for years and with me repeatedly running my hands across the book only to pick up something else, that will not occur with the sequel to Zoe’s Muster, it’s sitting nicely a few books down from the top of my TBR pile.I can’t help but fall [...]

    6. I loved everything about Zoe’s Muster. Barbara Hannay brings a maturity and complexity to what the publisher (Penguin) has clearly branded – by the title and the cover image – a rural romance. But I have to stress that this savvy author’s venture into the farm-lit genre really offers readers so much more. Yes there’s a love triangle (well, a kind of triangle) and all the emotional angst you’d expect from a ru-ro, but what I wasn’t expecting was the depth the author brought to the s [...]

    7. Originally posted here.I don’t know why I was surprised to see Barbara Hannay jumping in on the Rural Lit craze. After all, she was writing shorter rural romances years before the trend took off, and I’ve enjoyed everything of hers I’ve read. I knew she’d deliver a good story, and I knew she’d come up with something original in a completely saturated field.As I’ve said before, it’s hard to know what to pick from the current sea of book covers featuring twenty-something women in Aku [...]

    8. Zoe's Muster has elements of the traditional, "girl looking for her "real" father" but the way Barbara Hannay has written this story makes those elements take on a new perspective.Zoe takes off to the north of Queensland to join a cattle muster as the camp cook, after she discovers purely by chance that the father she has always known is not her biological one. This is a surprise to her mother as well, and Claire, beset by marriage problems, begs Zoe not to tell anyone why she is at the station [...]

    9. Brisbane girl Zoe is stunned when she finds out quite by accident that the man her mother is married to, the man that has raised her, is not actually her biological father. Zoe’s real father is a north-Queensland cattle station owner and suddenly the insecurities Zoe has always had about not fitting into her family, about not knowing what she wants to do with her life in a family of decision makers, seem like they might go away if she got to know her father. And almost by divine intervention, [...]

    10. I wonder if it's partly because I live in New Zealand but I have always had a soft spot for rural romances. Some are better than others I have found and one of those ones that I have really enjoyed was Zoe's Muster by Barbara Hannay. In Zoe's Muster, we meet Zoe who has always found that she is like the black sheep of her perfect family and with a peek at her dad's blood test results, she will soon discover that he is not her real father and that her perfect family is really her half-family. Wan [...]

    11. 4.5★sZoe's Muster is a well-written romance novel that is also an excellent example of Rural Lit.I greatly enjoyed it, almost could not put it down.It helps to get deeply engrossed in a story when the writing is as polished as this, yet still very accessible to a wide readership.The story has many bitter-sweet aspects, which elevate it above the sentimentality of many romance novels.I liked the strong sense of the Queensland outback lifestyle incorporated into the story. And those hunky Aussie [...]

    12. First off I wanted to congratulate Ms Hannay on her 2013 RITA Awards nomination. Congratulations! I was thrilled to see you nominated - I wish you the best of luckZoe's Muster deserved its nomination.I absolutely loved this book! I know being Australian I am probably biase, but there is nothing better than a well written outback romance that has a strong and interesting storyline, great character development both primary and secondary characters. The use of Australian colloquialisms was not over [...]

    13. Zoe Porter's whole world has fallen apart after learning her parents blood type. She always thought she was different from the rest of her family, and now her fears have been confirmed. Claire, her mother, is also hit hard by this revelation. And she takes a hard look at herself and the state of her marriage.Lost and looking for answers, Zoe decides to give up her high profile job, and go to Mullinjim, her birth father, Peter Fairburn's property to see him and learn more about him. Talk about bl [...]

    14. This is the first rural book I've ever read and I was impressed! I kept thinking about it when I wasn't reading it and loved the characters. Was a tad let down at the end with all the focus on just one of the main story lines, would have liked to see more on the other as well. But overall it was a good book and I'll be reading more books like this in the future.

    15. Zoe's Muster was a really enjoyable read. The love story between Zoe and Mac is everything that a Romance should have. But in a way the character of Zoe's mother, Claire, was even more of a treat for me. She wasn't just a support for the heroine, she was a heroine of her own. It was Claire's story and the choices she faced that kept me up way past my bed time reading. Fantastic!

    16. This is the first book that I've read by this author and I absolutely loved it! All the time I was reading this book, I kept picturing Nikko's farm from "Farmer Wants a Wife'! :) Can't wait for the sequel to this book!! :)

    17. What can i say i couldn't put it down, i was just so caught up in Zoe's emotional jounery it was fantastic!!

    18. I do enjoy country based books and again I wasn't disappointed. Lots of real life issues and an outback feeling. An excellent read if you enjoy Australian rural romance.

    19. Loved this book. Always enjoy Barbara Hannay's Sweet line so was looking forward to this and it didn't disappoint. Would definitely recommend.

    20. A chick-lit to start the new year. Barbara Hannay's 'Zoe's Muster' was a typical heartwarming story of girl meets boy (and some family members she hadn't known about before), set in far north Queensland, which is oh so lovingly described by Hannay. It is so evocative that you really do want to go there.

    21. Based in the Australian outback this unusual story sees Zoe cooking for a stock camp for six weeks - six weeks that will change her life completely. Barbara Hannay brings her characters to life, transports you to the remote cattle station and adds romance. What more do you want?

    22. Loved loved loved it. Great book even though I read the second one first and this one second. I hope there is a third book coming out.

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