A Harvest of Stars Alternative Cover Edition of ASIN B G UEYWSLocklyn Gaines isn t her mother but the residents of her small southeastern Kentucky town don t care Her mother s secrets are Lock s shame and every time

  • Title: A Harvest of Stars
  • Author: Cecily Wolfe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternative Cover Edition of ASIN B01G0UEYWSLocklyn Gaines isn t her mother, but the residents of her small southeastern Kentucky town don t care Her mother s secrets are Lock s shame, and every time her drunk stepfather uses her as a punching bag, Lock wonders how much her dying mother knows about what goes on in the crumbling old house her mother s family has lived inAlternative Cover Edition of ASIN B01G0UEYWSLocklyn Gaines isn t her mother, but the residents of her small southeastern Kentucky town don t care Her mother s secrets are Lock s shame, and every time her drunk stepfather uses her as a punching bag, Lock wonders how much her dying mother knows about what goes on in the crumbling old house her mother s family has lived in for generations Isaiah Parker hardly remembers life before the first day of kindergarten, before he became obsessed with the serious, dark haired girl in sunglasses who lives just beyond the field behind his house and rides the school bus with him every day Protecting Lock had been a fantasy for the child he was, but Isaiah and Lock are nearly finished with high school, and Isaiah knows that now is the time for him to save her Her stepfather has other plans, however, and one night may be all they have to do whatever it takes to escape and start over again, together.

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    1. Cecily Wolfe says:

      Ceci Wolfe writes whatever her characters tell her to write, including YA, contemporary family drama and romance, and Christian historical romance Upcoming releases 2018 Starlight, The Competition, and Treasure of Hope.cecilywolfe Cecily Wolfe eFacebook facebook ceciwolfe Street Team facebook groups 13117Instagram instagram cecilywolfe Pinterest pinterest alyswolfe Twitter twitter ceciwolfetumblr That Night tumblr blog ceciwolfeLibraryThing librarything author woBookBub bookbub authors cecil

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    1. I don't know where to begin with this book as it ripped my heart out in so many ways. Abuse is a tough subject, even tougher to write about. It's dark and disturbing and leaves a tarnish on the soul. A Harvest of Stars is Locklyn's story; about her life, her suffering, and her ultimate escape from a life that never should have been so hard and cruel. Her love interest, Isaiah, is a true hero. He's been there for Lock her whole life since they were kids. I love his steadfast heart and love which [...]

    2. ‘A Harvest of Stars,’ by Cecily Wolfe is a story about love at first sight between two kindergarten children growing up. The characters are well developed and the meat of the story happens during their high-school graduation time. It seems to end fine, but the abuse and weird inter-relations make for a sure family drama which is hard to imagine if you have grown up in a ‘normal’ family. But normal families don’t make interesting stories. So, listen to this; ‘…that speed freak drunk [...]

    3. In A Harvest of Stars we meet Locklyn - an abused young woman from a broken home - and her only friend, Isaiah. Locklyn lives in a small town where her mother is not well liked, a shut-in who is shunned by the townsfolk for, among other things, being an unwed teenage mother.Locklyn takes the brunt of this abuse inside and outside of the home though she is a fighter in spite of it all, handling her problems without any of the painful emotions that would be expected from a young woman her age in a [...]

    4. Wolfe has carefully crafted a poignant, timeless classic. Her descriptive settings, ambiance and female characters conjured images of Grisham's "The Painted House" and Hagar in Laurence's "The Stone Angel." I say timeless because, outside of a few static references, this story could've taken place in the 1940's or the 1990's in any small town from America's rust belt to the deep south, such was the focus on emotion over material substance. The tale tracks Locklyn's life as an abused teenager, st [...]

    5. Locklyn Gaines has a complicated and dire life in the small town where she lives with her frail, dying mother, abusive drunken stepfather and background of family secrets in a community which is either oblivious, unable or unwilling to help. Locklyn’s best friend, Isaiah Parker who has been in love with her since they were five years old, tries his best to protect her from the nastiness at school, but he cannot protect her from her depraved stepfather. His only option is to try to help her esc [...]

    6. A Harvest of Stars is a beautiful portrayal of friendship, love and loss. Wolfe does a wonderful job of unraveling the story, chapter by chapter. Which navigates from past to present and is told in different perspectives. Keeping the tension high and the mystery right at your fingertips. Urging you to flip through the pages so you can find out what happens next.Locklyn and Isaiah met in kindergarten and they've been inseparable ever since. What started off as a childhood friendship blossomed int [...]

    7. With an ailing mother and an abusive stepfather, Locklyn found herself growing up in the fallen shadows of her mother small hometown in Kentucky. The community turned a blind eye after several attempts to mediate the home life with no success.This book follows the journey of Locklyn Gaines and Isaiah Parker. From there first meeting on the bust, through high school. In this realistic fiction novel you see the pain that crosses Locks life daily and Isaiah struggling to find a way to help her. Wol [...]

    8. A Harvest of Stars by Cecily WolfeI was provided with a free copy of the novel. The author's debut novel was a Young Adult novel; the novel under review appears to be targeting Young Adults as well, although it is classified under the genres Fiction and Literary Fiction, Romance, and Family Life. In my view, it appears that the YA and Romance genres would be the most suitable choices.Although the issue discussed is quite difficult and might not be suitable to all YA readers--the abuse of childre [...]

    9. Meet Locklyn, it’s her first day at school and she’s wearing sunglasses. The other kids and teachers don’t know why. Maybe she thinks she’s special, or it’s a fashion statement. Or maybe she’s wearing them to hide the bruises inflicted by her brutal stepfather.Child abuse isn’t an easy subject to write about or read. An author has to tread the line between too much detail which makes the work exploitative or too little, which doesn’t do justice to a serious subject. Cecily Wolfe [...]

    10. This is a story of abuse, physical and sexual, in a small town. It’s a story of broken dreams, lost loves, and bad decisions. The subject matter is tough and honest. The story’s bones are good.But it left me very flat.The style of the writing reminds me a little bit of Angela’s Ashes but without the gut-punch, without the emotional connection.It’s like the story pulls back from the very horror it’s about and in so doing, misses the opportunity to break people’s hearts. The story is t [...]

    11. Locklyn is a girl trapped in a world of domestic abuse and small town judgements. Harvest of stars follows her through her experiences, from early childhood right up to her as an adult. Parts of the book almost made me cry, and Cecily develops the characters wonderfully, intertwining them into a tight knot towards the end!A real life drama that is sad, engrossing and realistic!

    12. A heart breaking story of child abuseStarting at the age of five Locklyn endured frequent serious beatings and later rape from her stepfather. Isolated, nearly friendless, her mother a sickly recluse, Locklyn had every right to a complete mental breakdown. But by some miracle the child held on to her sanity. And to the love and devotion of a boy. From the age of kindergarten Locklyn and Isaiah looked out for each other. The child Isaiah could not save her from the abuse, only close his eyes to i [...]

    13. “A Harvest of Stars” is an emotion-filled story of Locklyn Gaines, her childhood friend Isaiah Parker, and a friendship that grew to become more as teens. Locklyn (or Lock as she prefers) is raised in a turbulent home by her frail, loving mother and a physically and sexually abusive stepfather. Residents of the small town, including Lock’s teachers, are oblivious to the perils facing Lock and her mother. It seems Lock’s only hope to escape her drunken stepfather and the undeserved shame [...]

    14. Real rating 5.5/10To be upfront this is not the type of story I would typically read, so your rating may be 1 or 2 points higher than my own.A Harvest of Stars reads like it was written by a high school student, take of that what you will, but the metaphors and similes throughout could use some work as they never quite seem to match up with the author's intentions, examples of this; "her hair a melting yellow like daffodils" "dark like her real daddy who went away before she was born and never c [...]

    15. Locklyn’s life is a nightmare of lies, shame and abuse. Her dying mother can’t protect her and the small Kentucky town where she lives has turned a blind eye to her plight. Her only saving grace is Isaiah Parker, the schoolmate who becomes obsessed with her from the first time they meet in kindergarten. As they grow, the bond between them strengthens and Isaiah takes on the role of protector from the malicious torments at school. But the one person he cannot protect her from is her stepfathe [...]

    16. This book reminded me very much of a Jodi Picoult novel – similar story style that focuses on an issue and builds up intrigue and mystery, always giving you just a little piece of the puzzle to keep you turning the pages to find out more. The author is a good writer. If you enjoy Jodi Picoult, you’ll love this book. Locklyn is a teenager who lives in a small town with her dying mother, a stepfather who abuses her and lots of family secrets. Her best friend, Isaiah, has been in love with her [...]

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