Must Love Dogs The Must Love Dogs series Must Love Dogs Must Love Dogs New Leash on Life Must Love Dogs Fetch You Later Must Love Dogs Bark Roll Forever Must Love Dogs Who Let the Cats In Funny and pitch p

  • Title: Must Love Dogs
  • Author: Claire Cook Carrington MacDuffie
  • ISBN: 9780786180004
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The Must Love Dogs series Must Love Dogs 1 Must Love Dogs New Leash on Life 2 Must Love Dogs Fetch You Later 3 Must Love Dogs Bark Roll Forever 4 Must Love Dogs Who Let the Cats In 5 Funny and pitch perfect Chicago Tribune Wildly witty USA Today Cook dishes up plenty of charm San Francisco Chronicle A hoot The Boston GlobeFirst the much loveThe Must Love Dogs series Must Love Dogs 1 Must Love Dogs New Leash on Life 2 Must Love Dogs Fetch You Later 3 Must Love Dogs Bark Roll Forever 4 Must Love Dogs Who Let the Cats In 5 Funny and pitch perfect Chicago Tribune Wildly witty USA Today Cook dishes up plenty of charm San Francisco Chronicle A hoot The Boston GlobeFirst the much loved USA Today bestselling novel by Claire Cook Then the romantic comedy movie adaptation starring Diane Lane and John Cusack Now MUST LOVE DOGS is a series Voluptuous, sensuous, alluring and fun Barely 40 DWF seeks special man to share starlit nights Must love dogs Divorced preschool teacher Sarah Hurlihy s first mistake is letting her bossy big sister write her personal ad Her second mistake is showing up to meet her first date in than a decade Now she s juggling her teaching job, her big, rollicking, interfering south of Boston Irish family, and men than she knows what to do with And what s up with all these dogs that are suddenly galloping into her life A hilariously original tale about dating and its place in a modern woman s life BookPage If Must Love Dogs is any indication of her talents, readers will hope that Claire Cook will be telling breezy summer stories from the South Shore of Massachusetts for seasons to come The Washington Post A laugh out loud novel a light and lively read for anyone who has ever tried to re enter the dating scene or tried to fix up anyone else Boston Herald This utterly charming novel by Cook is a fun read, perfect for whiling away an afternoon on the beach Library Journal Claire Cook s Must Love Dogs, a book that s got giggles than soda bread has raisins Hartford Courant Claire Cook Must Love Dogs has built a brand writing light hearted women s fiction blending kernels of the absurd and comedic in compulsively readable combinations Shelf Awareness The exuberant and charming Claire Cook is one of the sassiest and funniest creators of contemporary women s fiction The Times Picayune

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      336 Claire Cook Carrington MacDuffie
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    1. Claire Cook Carrington MacDuffie says:

      I wrote my first novel in my minivan at 45 At 50, I walked the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of the adaptation of my second novel, Must Love Dogs, starring Diane Lane and John Cusack I m now the New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of 18 books If you have a buried dream, take it from me, it is NEVER too late I ve reinvented myself once again by turning Must Love Dogs into a series, writing my first nonfiction books, Shine On How to Grow Awesome Instead of Old and Never Too Late Your Roadmap to Reinvention without getting lost along the way , in which I share everything I ve learned on my own journey that might help you in yours I ve also become a reinvention speaker, so if know anyone who s looking for a fun and inspiring speaker, I hope you ll send them to ClaireCook speaking Thanks I was born in Virginia, and lived for many years in Scituate, Massachusetts, a beach town between Boston and Cape Cod My husband and I have recently moved to the suburbs of Atlanta to be closer to our two adult kids, who actually want us around again I have the world s most fabulous readers and I m forever grateful to all of you for giving me the gift of this career Midlife Rocks xxxxxClaireHANG OUT WITH ME ClaireCook newsletterFacebook ClaireCookauthorpageTwitter ClaireCookwritePinterest ClaireCookwriteInstagram ClaireCookwriteBe the first to find out when my next book comes out and stay in the loop for giveaways and insider excerpts clairecook newsletter

    2 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs

    1. I picked this book up as a free download and whilst I have heard of the film, I have never seen it or know anything about it, so the story was completely fresh to me. I enjoyed it immensely, a light hearted fun story of a forty year old divorcee, Sarah, attempting to enter the dating world by placing a lonely hearts ad. There are some very funny moments in the book which has a host of larger than life characters, including some very cute kids who, to be honest, did seem a little too precocious f [...]

    2. I read this book because I love the movie and really didn't even know there was a book. So, I borrowed it from my local library. Sarah is much more flaky, gullible, naive with no backbone in the book. She's a complete mess and she doesn't know what she wants. She has a connection with John from the start but she somehow won't commit to him and goes on a wild, unnecessary, goose chase for "Mr. Right."Her family is always surrounding her and giving her advice, which she usually just does the oppos [...]

    3. Okay so I knew that this was a movie and then I saw that there was a book. So, I definitely wanted to read the book before I decided to watch the movie. Well, let's just say that I'm happy I read the book and that I probably wont watch the movie.Must Love Dogs is pretty cute title and has a pretty cute cover. Anything with or about dogs is a-okay in my book people. However, this book was just okay in my eyes. The characters were kind of meh to me throughout the book. I'm happy I read it but that [...]

    4. it was OK, very average. I had a bit of trouble connecting to Sarah - just didn't ever come to care about her. So in the end I found it a bit of struggle to stay focused and finish.

    5. Most of this review is more a review of my first experience with an audiobook. Toward the end I'll discuss the book itself.This was my first audiobook. When I decided to take my 5 mile run to the treadmill (rather than the roads) one day, I decided to check out an audio book online from my local library, to hopefully break the monotony of a treadmill workout. I chose this book because I remembered thinking the movie trailers looked cute (will now have to watch the movie) and it seemed an easy en [...]

    6. This quickly read novel was a small gem of emotional accuracy and non-overwriting. The story of one woman slowly finding her groove after divorce while juggling family, work, and lonliness left me smiling and satisfied as a reader. Cinema fans: the book is better than the movie.

    7. I really don’t know what to say about this book.The main character Sarah is in her 40’s, teaches at what I believe was a daycare center, is divorced, and has a rather large family that loves to just show up at her house uninvited, meddle in what little of a dating life she has, and then you have the dad who comes off as a flaky man whore jumping from one woman to the next. Everyone in this family is full of advise that is not always the best and has what seem to be families of their own full [...]

    8. Ohmigod, lamest book ever. Thank god it only took me like 2 days to read it. How could someone read this and say, lets make a movie? There are so many other good chick-lit books out there and this one was written for like a high schooler. Or did the movie come first and then someone wrote this book? Who knows. I never saw the movie and after this book, I have no plans to EVER see it. Shit, I just looked at to see who played what character, because I only knew the leads and Dermot Mulroney plays [...]

    9. This book has very quickly been added to my favourite’s shelf; it had me laughing out loud so many times I had to keep checking around me to see if anyone noticed. *giggle*I found the characters in this book were so real and easy to relate too, you know people just like them as well as being able to compare yourself and your own insecurities to them. Sarah Hurlihy is a divorced forty something who seems to be going through a bit of a midlife crisis, she's depressed and feels utterly hopeless w [...]

    10. For the longest time I had absolutely no idea that this story originated as a book, but having fallen absolutely head-over-heels in love with the movie, I decided to try it out when I stumbled upon a copy at my favorite used bookstore. Putting aside for a moment my opinions of film-versions of bestselling books (because I could talk all damn day about it) I'm prepared to talk warmly about both of them. Claire Cook typed out a masterpiece when she dotted the final i in Must Love Dogs. I absolutel [...]

    11. Very cute!Fluffy and soft, this book was the perfect quick read in between novels containing heavier material.This is not a bad thing. The writing was great, and despite the material being about a forty something year old women trying to find a date, the story was very entertaining! I generally don't care for chick lit or romance novels. However, I looked forward to picking up my kindle each evening and guessing which guy would ultimately be the "one" Sarah picks! Sarah and her family were great [...]

    12. A quick, sweet read about a forty year old preschool teacher, recently divorced, looking for love. Sarah meets several men but she is not impressed. All kinds of antics occur, like her answering an add to find her widowed father is the writer. She almost gives up, but in the end she finds a suitable guy.In between, she meets all kinds of odd and strange people, like Dolly, dad's old girlfriend, who serves the whole family raw turkey and talks about herself in the third person. The title is taken [...]

    13. I vaguely remembered seeing this movie and thinking it was cute, and so when it came up as a 99 cent kindle deal I decided to get it. I have read other things by this author and thought they were fluffy chic lit. This book is just dumb. It is not even enjoyable chic lit, it is just dumb. I read it over New Years weekend when it was rainy and cold and still could not find it enjoyable, it was just boring.

    14. I am so ashamed of myself for even picking up this book. But what can I say? I was looking for a fun, light read. It was definitely light, but not fun. After two pages, I put it down. I picked it up again only to wish it wasn't a library book so I could burn it or throw it across the room. Stupid, stilted prose. Crummy, crummy, painfully embarrassing dialog. Yikes. Double yikes.

    15. Absolutely loved this book! Sarah is a great, believable character--very easy to relate to. I loved her zany Irish family--they were good for many laughs throughout the book. I lost count of how many times, while reading, I thought, "I've felt that way" or "I've done the exact same thing!"

    16. Romantic comedies are rarely as well done and as charming as Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook, a fun, light read with warmth as well as wit. Though rom-coms typically do not appeal to me, I found this one to be a highly enjoyable tale of a midlife crisis and the trials and tribulations of courtship.Must Love Dogs tells the story of preschool teacher Sarah Hurlihy, who, having tired of spending evenings at home watching The Brady Bunch, attempts to venture back into the dating scene after her divorc [...]

    17. "This was a perfect holiday read, although truth be told I started before I left for holidays! If you are in your 30's, and dating, thinking about dating, or just remembering dating, this is a fun read that will leave your nodding your head in agreement and laughing out loud! The charactors are zany enough to keep you entertained, but realistic enought that you don't roll your eyes and give up on the story, and the story itself isn't original or groundbreaking, but this author has a way of reeli [...]

    18. Very fluffy story, and if I was picking a book to be made into a movie, I would not pick this one. It just does not stand out to me.The story is dated mention of fax machines and instead of online dating- which is prevalent today -some of the characters meet through a sort of telephone/voice mail system. Claire was okay, but she didn't strike me as being very motivated. Her idea of a great night was sitting in front of The Brady Brunch with wine and Cheerios - or wine with macaroni and cheese! S [...]

    19. I've been burned out on women's fiction for quite some time now, and especially burned out on women's fiction that's been turned into a movie starring Diane Lane. It seems to be a specific genre or something that just drives me nuts, but when author Allie Larkin tweeted a recommendation for Claire Cook's Must Love Dogs, which was free on , I decided to take a chance.Sarah Hurlihy is 40, childless, and newly divorced. At the encouragement of one of her sisters (she comes from the stereotypical hu [...]

    20. This was the first time I read a book about a movie, instead of the other way around. I have never seen "Must Love Dogs", but judging by the trailers, people are better off watching it instead of reading this adaptation. The story is not the only thing to blame for my negative feedback. I can't really think of a romantic comedy I've read that I thoroughly enjoyed. As I've said before, I'm happy to be given any book titles you've liked in this genre."Must Love Dogs" is a story about a divorced wo [...]

    21. Preschool teacher Sarah Hurlihy, encouraged by her close-knit Irish Catholic family, begins to think about dating after being divorced for two years. Sarah answers a personal ad in her local paper, only to find her date is her widowed father; something her family finds hilarious. Sarah’s sister Carol places a personal ad for Sarah which starts Sarah on the path to weeding out prospective dates. One or two hold promise but Sarah can’t seem to find the time for any relationship to marinate whi [...]

    22. Absolutely loved the fast pace, great characters and terrific dialog of this novel. I have never seen the movie, and didn't even put the titles together until after I finished, so I have no idea if the movie does it justice or not.Claire Cook is my new favorite writer. Her fictitious family are so wonderfully real that you want to be a member of the clan, or a least a fly on the wall at one of their holiday dinners. Her New England town and Irish American sense of humor made me home sick for NY [...]

    23. Boy is this ever what they call a "beach read". Entertaining and quick. Easy reading is tough writing so I appreciate that, but a few things about the book bugged me. As with much of "chick lit" the protagonist is made out to be such a mess, it is almost impossible to understand why dashing men are attracted to her. But I liked the constant inclusion of her crazy family, the fact that she was 40, not 25, and that she lived in a small town, not a bustling city. Also, just personally, I liked the [...]

    24. I am so indifferent about this book. First off I have no idea why they made it into a movie (I have not seen it) and second they must have really changed the plot to make it interesting. I didn't hate the book but I also didn't really like it. I wasn't sure where it was going half the time, or what the plot even was. The main character, Sara, seemed to be progressing pretty well as the story went on and then SUDDENLY she goes and gets her navel pierced! She's 40. Yeah I wanted to finish just bec [...]

    25. I liked that I related to Sarah's emotional state and her feelings towards other people (she mostly didn't like people) but that's all I really cared for. I thought the dogs would play a larger role than they actually did. It felt like watching someone's normal, everyday life there was nothing interesting, exciting or fun about it; it just was. Not my cup of tea. It's too good for one star-like I said, I could relate to the main character really well- but I'm not sure it really deserves two star [...]

    26. There are many books out that focus on relationships - past and present, failed and successful - and how to remedy them. In fact, many books take a humorous approach to the personal ads. Claire Cook's Must Love Dogs is the best of that group. She has written a sweet yet amusing book that takes a good attitude towards dating, without making it the focus of the story. This is my first Claire Cook novel, and I found she reminds me of Sara Lewis.

    27. A fun little romp I read in honor of St. Patrick's day. Now I need to watch the movie and compare them for the Read Harder challenge! Edit: I enjoyed the movie better than the book (shock!) because of the storyline of the John/Jake character. In the book, he was just a solid, kind of boring guy and Bobby was the interesting one. In the movie, Bobby was obviously a distraction, because who can resist John Cusack? Really.

    28. This is a really cute book. I'd actually give it 3.5 stars if the system would let me, but I rounded up since it doesn't. As a dog lover, the title drew me in, and though the dog doesn't really play as much of a role as I might have enjoyed, the rest of the story delivers. It's "real life" - kooky family and all. But more fun.

    29. I really enjoyed this book, not only because of its witty dialogue and humorous situations, but because rather than being a traditional love story, it explores how difficult it is to find someone, and how sometimes it's not necessarily the finding that's important, but the things you learn about yourself along the way. The family this book centers around is crazy, and somehow very familiar.

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