Eternity Ring Mary Stokes discovers a dead body in Dead Man s Copse one evening but when she returns with a police officer it is no longer there Miss Silver is baffled by this event and is determined to get to the

  • Title: Eternity Ring
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • ISBN: 9780340767757
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Stokes discovers a dead body in Dead Man s Copse one evening but when she returns with a police officer it is no longer there Miss Silver is baffled by this event and is determined to get to the bottom of it.

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    1. Patricia Wentworth says:

      Patricia Wentworth born Dora Amy Elles was a British crime fiction writer.She was educated privately and at Blackheath High School in London After the death of her first husband, George F Dillon, in 1906, she settled in Camberley, Surrey She married George Oliver Turnbull in 1920 and they had one daughter.She wrote a series of 32 classic style whodunnits featuring Miss Silver, the first of which was published in 1928, and the last in 1961, the year of her death Miss Silver, a retired governess turned private detective, is sometimes compared to Jane Marple, the elderly detective created by Agatha Christie She works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott and is fond of quoting the poet Tennyson Wentworth also wrote 34 books outside of that series.

    2 thoughts on “Eternity Ring

    1. 3 1/2 starsThe narrative was a bit clumsy at the onset of this one. Unfortunately, the author got prosy. But even though the story had a shaky start, the author soon ceased writing such excessively flowery descriptions and redeemed herself in the end.

    2. A good average Miss Silver Mystery. Mary Stokes discovers a dead body in Dead Man's Copse one evening but when she returns with a police officer it is no longer there. Miss Silver becomes involved by this event and is determined to get to the bottom of it.She does, of course - in the nick of time.

    3. Holy cow! What a ride!So many twists and turns. great writing. Amazingly drawn characters. Had to stay up to finish. Red herrings galore right till the end.

    4. A great old mystery by Patricia Wentworth featuring a disappearing body & estranged young newlyweds. Miss Silver sorts everything out nicely, as always.

    5. A good read. Glad to know she has so many in the series- and most are on a shelf at my mother's house so lots of reading at hand.

    6. Lt. Frank Abbott asks Miss Silver to come to the country to visit his family, because wierd things are happening. A young woman claims she saw a dead body in the woods, and while she definitely had a frightening experience, there is no body and she is keeping something back. Frank's cousin left her husband of three months and will tell no one what caused the split.In a small village, the local gossip hotline has grist for their mill.The romance in this one, if that is what it is supposed to be, [...]

    7. Frank Abbot is present when a distraught girl appears claiming to have seen a man dragging the corpse of a young woman. The corpse is wearing a very distinctive earring which looks like a diamond eternity ring but the second earring appears to be missing. It is not Frank's case and he was only there are the time because he was staying with his uncle and aunt. He is puzzled and asks his friend Miss Silver to come and stay and see if she thinks the girl is lying.What follows is an intriguing myste [...]

    8. Take an English village with the usual large cast of characters, add a mysterious unhappy marriage, and throw in the discovery of the body of an unknown woman for a typically complicated Wentworth plot. But, there is an endearing dachshund, Bramble, and Miss Silver quickly puts everything back in order.“Miss Cicely brought her real nice books, and not the improving kind neither. Maggie had a sharp eye for being improved, and an impenetrable armor against it. She liked the age-old success story [...]

    9. One of the later Miss Silvers and, in my opinion, one of the best. A complex tale, full of twists and turns, I had indeed worked out the murderer - only to be convinced, mid way through, that I was wrong! The writing is succint, and it throws into high relief our tendencies to judge -- mainly erroneously - on appearance. A masterly denoument that shows how superficial mouthings of love can be - and the difference when it is the real thing. If you want to be thrown, puzzled and confused, then thi [...]

    10. I’m currently in the midst of what I think is bronchitis so I spend a good chunk of the night awake because I can’t stop coughing. The Miss Silver mysteries are ideal companions for this state: they’re interesting enough that I am always eager to read more, but cozy and mild-mannered enough that when I start to (finally) get back to sleep, I can put them away. Also, let’s hear it for everyone not being a serial killer as is all too much the case in more modern mysteries. Most of Patricia [...]

    11. Am Anfang hat mich die Sprache unendlich gestört. Die Sätze waren entweder kurz und abgehackt, oder viel zu lang und umständlich. Zum Glück hat sich das nach den ersten 50 Seiten gelegt. Es ist ein durchschnittlicher Krimi, spannend mit einige mehr oder minder gelungene Figuren. Ich persönlich konnte zu keiner der Hauptpersonen eine Beziehung aufbauen noch fand ich irgend jemand besonders interessant/schlau/sympathisch . Und hätte ich nicht gewusst, dass es ein sog. "Miss Silver Roman" ist [...]

    12. This was all right, fairly predictable but it did take me a little while to decide on which of the possible suspects was the villain. In terms of the rest of the story, Wentworth really likes married people who are estranged due to misunderstandings, doesn't she?

    13. A very lively murder mystery with a theme of who's crying wolf, who's telling the truth, and who is listening in on the party line. A woman is bludgeoned to death and a witness thinks the dead woman was wearing only one eternity-style diamond earring. Miss Silver helps discover whodunit.

    14. In the previous books in the series, we’ve always seen Miss Silver’s young policeman friend, Frank Abbott, on the job, and never known much about his background. In Eternity Ring, this changes. The story begins with Frank visiting his aunt and uncle, Colonel and Mrs. Abbott, in the village of Deeping for a weekend. He is fond of his relatives, including his cousin, Cicely, and sympathetic when his Aunt Monica confides in him about the recent break-up of Cicely’s marriage to Grant Hathaway. [...]

    15. Even more fun and clever the second time aroundOne of the aspects I enjoy most about Wentworth's mysteries is the romantic plot that weaves throughout the story. This one in particular is a favorite of mine, featuring an estranged married couple who are coping with what went wrong in their relationship, while faced with repercussions from murders in the village. No spoilers!

    16. I've now read 19 of the 32 Miss Silver mysteries. This is the 14th in the series. They are all pleasant cozy reads, with different plots and new personalities for Miss Silver to observe and analyze, but other than giving a synopsis of the plot, it is hard to give a meaningful review of each one. It does seem that each one has at least one really disagreeable character that either becomes the victim of murder or turns out to be the perpetrator, and in a way that makes them satisfying. Patricia We [...]

    17. I have so many books in my house; I probably have over 700 unread mysteries, yet sometimes it is difficult to know what to read and I just grab anything. (I like getting through the unread mysteries because then I can give them away which is my ultimate goal for most of the books in the house.) Anyway, I read this book in desperation. I say it like that, because I already knew that I didn't like Wentworth's Miss Silver. But, over the years, various people have said to me how much they like her, [...]

    18. So satisfying A little romance, a little mystery,a bit of logic and a happy ending. What more can one ask from a bedtime book? Perfect of its kind!

    19. My first novel by this author. Reminds me of Miss Marple. The fact that it was written in 1948 helps me understand its tone. I found it modestly entertaining, more color at first than story. Not sure what the point was with the "crippled" girl who listened in on the phone calls. Perhaps to keep the story from being solved with a few phone calls as some characters preferred not to chat on the phone knowing that they were being listened in on. I'd read others of her mysteries as they do remind me [...]

    20. This was enjoyable, but would have been better if Wentworth hadn't been so predictable in one respect. From the start the reader knows one character she absolutely would not have made the killer, so that narrows the suspects significantly and means all the red herrings that were intended to lead toward that character point instead directly to the actual murderer. But, in common with the early half of her books, the characters were mostly likeable and the motive not too standard.

    21. Not my favorite Wentworth novel to date. A woman finds a body, reports it, and then the police find no body. Miss Silver comes to investigate. I found some of the characters rather unlikeable in this one and so I tended to skip a lot of repetition. It's still quite good at description and atmosphere, though, so even though the mystery wasn't great, the mood was well done.

    22. Great Period MysteryI found it difficult to realize this was written more than seventy years ago. The guilty person doesn't appear until you're eighty five percent through it! I quite enjoyed the book and will read more from Patricia Wentworth.

    23. I really enjoyed this, even if it was a bit obvious and pedestrian in places. The characters were well-written and consistent and I always enjoy Miss Silver. It was also interesting to get more information on Abbott.

    24. I gave this a 4:th star just for the feel-good factor. As a mystery it was pretty easy to crack. But: an English village, a flock of eccentric Englishmen & women, Scotland Yard, a nice Miss Marple clone, a love story, a cold winter with no central heating and bloody murder. Yummy.

    25. An excellent mystery with a village setting. For the first time we get to meet the young Inspector Frank Abbot's family. Chief Inspector Lamb arrives long after Insp. Abbot because Frank became involved while on a family visit.

    26. Not nearly as good as the other ones in the series. Very slow plot development and not enough suspects, so it became obvious who the killer must be. I skipped to the end at this point, which is not something I usually do.

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